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About MyQM

An experienced team

MyQM was created by experts of customer relationship. With a strong experience, the 4 founders of MyQM are all recognized professionals in the world of the customer relationship (Contractor, Outsourcer, Nearshore, Offshore, Investors)

MyQM story

Created in October, 2015, MyQM is a start-up specialized in the management of the process quality. Our will was from the beginning to develop a platform SaaS allowing the companies to synchronize and to apply their processes and quality actions.

At the beginning of 2016, MyQM created its company of external audit allowing his customers to benefit, besides the platform SaaS, besides the external, objective and neutral service of measure of the quality. Indeed, via our company of external audit, we offer the possibility to our customers to outsource a part of their measures quality.

2017 is the launch of the MyFocus which allows our customers to organize in an effective and interactive way the coachings of their agents.

Quality Culture

MyQM aims to be the guarantee of an evolutionary and maximal quality. To do it, we developed our platform with a concern of listening of our customers, flexibility and simplicity.

We defend values which push us to reach the excellence, while favoring the passion of our job.

Ludovic Herman

Having launched and exploited several call centers in Belgium, in France and in Luxembourg, Ludovic brings an experience of more than 20 years in customer service. On top of best practices, he ensures a quality coaching to advisors, managers and customers. He leads our approach to be practical and effective.

Frédéric Devroye

25+ years of experience in the customer side (in telecommunications, retail trade and e-commerce), consulting in Customer Experience, Frédéric is the Voice of the Customer. Understanding the quality expectations of the management, he guides our quality control inspectors. He leads our approach to be intuitive and solid.

Stefan Dermul

Managing offshore call centers during more than 15 years, Stefan developed his experience in hiring, training and frame of multilingual agents. He masters the operational costs and the remote contacts. He leads our approach to be pragmatic and affordable.