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Added Values

The Quality Circle, Based on MyQM.

The quality as the foundation element.

All stakeholders of the quality cycle coordinate through the platform MyQM.

It begins from the definition of monitoring target, quality grids, the definition of campaigns to the feedback toward agents, after evaluations or during the MyFocus.

Evaluations follow various validation steps, which make the endresult qualitative and make the cycle credible for all stakeholders.

The aspects of « gamification » aren’t forgotten, for example the use of a podium for each campaign. MyQM will make the quality one of the « motivator » element of every teams.

création de campagne

The campaign as the main engine

To decide on the number of audits, interactions to be analyzed and agents to be targeted is a first stage, which often remains a wishful thinking.

MyQM allows you to follow the evolution of your campaigns to ensure that evaluations will be executed on time. Quality is one of your management tools, and as such, receives the deserved the priority in daily tasks.

The advisor, agent of his own quality

The advisor is the core of the quality process.

The advisor must know what is expected from him/her, both in terms of form (welcome, ...) and of substance (solutions, tools) or of process (actions to be undertaken).

It is on this base that the advisor will finally be hired, trained, noted and coached. He can follow the evolution of his results and the decided actions.

Following an evaluation, the advisor and his(her) coach have the opportunity to note the evaluation to judge the relevance of marks but also and especially comments.

The coach/auditor who wrote the evaluation will also have the opportunity to improve his comments for future audits.

MyQM allows to close the loop, to make sure that everything is implemented to give to the advisor tools necessary for the good practice of its work.

Qualité équipe

Effective and interactive interview

MyQM allows you to follow in real time the evolution of your quality. You receive standardized results, which allow you to see trends, evolutions, benchmarks between departments, internal and/or external partners, collaborators.

Based on these statistics and the executed campaigns, you will prepare the MyFocus of your employees. MyFocus is the main tool to an effective and interactive interview with your advisors. MyFocus allows your advisors and managerial employees to follow their evolution, to compared with their team and the objectives that you settled. MyFocus allows to develop the good action plan to be implemented. MyFocus allows your advisors to give you their feedback onto your measures and quality standards. MyFocus embarks your employees and makes them a central person of your process quality.

Internal and/or external partner

Via MyQM you can pilot and follow in real time the quality of all departments. That they are internal or external, MyQM will allow to normalize the measure of the quality and will structure the reporting and the quality analyzes. You will be able to compare, analyze and prepare the appropriate action plan with your partners.

Interne ou externe