• Analyze 100% of calls
  • Transcribe conversations and identify moments of truth
  • Filter the calls to listen in priority

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Artificial intelligence

IQM is a key MyQM tool. Our artificial intelligence engine analyzes calls and outputs essential information for the coach and agent, who optimize their analysis time to save learning time.


The AI ​​takes care of the analysis…

  • The records are injected into IQM.
  • They are transcribed and the keywords are noted. Emotions and acoustic characteristics (blanks, interruptions, etc.) are identified.
  • The results of each analysis are gathered in filters to target listening to the themes.
  • Monitoring campaigns are automatically created to prepare for human listening, by the coach or the agent, using customized filters.
  • The monitoring offered includes the recording but also all the data analyzed by IQM, to target the highlights and action needs.

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MyQM | Module IQM


Optimize your customer relationship

  • IQM analyzes 100% of calls, from the shortest to the longest. Let’s be honest: who listens to calls longer than 10 minutes?
  • Filters are set up, which combine keywords, acoustic events (interruptions, blanks, etc.) and emotions. By the way, yes, what am I looking for to improve?
  • The coach focuses on a smaller number of calls to listen to. It combines proactive listening, analyzing calls that have not been heard before and reactive listening. Why would I listen to 10 calls if only one is worth it?
  • The time devoted to each listening will be shortened because the ground is prepared and we focus on the important points. With the transcription and key moments, I focus on what is important, especially in long calls.
  • Alerts can be sent directly to the agent by IQM, which empowers them and encourages them to act quickly and spontaneously. Oops… I didn’t realize!
  • The results are available very quickly, for both the coach and the agent. “Strike while the iron is hot” – Does my agent follow the advice I gave him yesterday?
  • IQM does not replace listening work. It makes it more relevant by focusing on the themes sought. Human monitoring will not be replaced by the machine. It will be facilitated. We speak of “augmented auditor”. With all this time saved, my coach spends more time accompanying me.
  • IQM provides ‘macro’ results. It combines the analyzes of each call to understand and respond quickly to customer needs. For the past 2 days, 25% of my clients have been talking about terminating their contract.
  • The data generated makes it possible to identify the correlations between the events, through personalized analyzes on QM, CustomerFeeback and IQM. Customers who called following an invoice reminder are more satisfied when the agent spends more time listening and saying the words ‘Next invoice’.

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Installation in detail

  • IQM can operate on the infrastructure of MyQM or that of our customers.
  • IQM uses stereo recordings from the customer’s control panel or records directly into IQM from audio streams.
  • IQM’s budget is defined according to the volume of calls to be analyzed.
  • Between the decision and the implementation, less than a month is necessary. The work will be done between the technical and business experts of MyQM and the technical and operational teams of the client.

This technological change with such a human impact must be accompanied

  • The launch of IQM will be communicated very clearly to the agents, to avoid the “Big Brother” syndrome..
  • Coaching coaches is a key factor in the project’s success (or failure). The content of their work evolves, becomes less repetitive and more human.


Questions? We are at your disposal!