• Manage self-assessments and quizzes
  • Monitoring actions and feedback from and to the coach
  • Individual and collective history of knowledge and skills
MyQM | UI | Ecran 9


A cockpit

My360 is the agent’s dashboard. He has access to all the documents that concern him: listening, Customer Voices, action plans and individual meetings. He is not just a spectator: he can self-assess, answer quizzes, send his feedback and obviously compare his scores with his team.


An information hub

My360 is the crossroads of information and actions available to the agent. He can fill out a listening form on one of his customer contacts and inform his coach. He can also complete a quiz assigned to him. When he has received an evaluation, he can indicate, or not, his agreement, and comment on the content. During a face-to-face period, he receives all the information concerning his performance (MyFOCUS), commented on by the coach. He can also comment on them. Finally, he can at any time find all the evaluations, customer feedback and MyFocus, which allow him to situate himself over time and in relation to his team.

MyQM | UI | Ecran 10
MyQM | Module My360


All the info permanently

  • The agent who has real-time evaluations and customer feedback is much quicker to react. This allows it to strike while the iron is hot.
  • When the coach indicates actions to be taken, the agent can follow them, and indicate when they are carried out. Monitoring is simple and clear.
  • The feedback that the agent gives on the evaluations received is engaging: he gives his opinion and his coach therefore receives evaluations on his way of evaluating. This is done through a star system, between 1 and 5, with associated comments.
  • The quiz allows the coach to quickly get an idea of ​​the level of knowledge of his team and if necessary to offer additional training.
  • The self-assessment is a real act of commitment: “how did I handle this call?” In addition to reducing the workload of the coach, the agent is generally more critical of himself, but above all, he corrects the problems that he identifies much more quickly.
MyQM | MyFocus

Installation in detail

  • My360 is integrated with MyQM and works fully in the cloud. The installation consists in activating certain parameters, allowing the use of the extended functionalities. Once the module is activated, the user is autonomous to define the specific parameters.
  • Define the parameters specific to each agent with regard to their authorizations to access audio recordings, according to the policy of each call center.
  • Define the campaigns and grids that will be used for the self-assessments, in parallel or in addition to the classic campaigns.

This technological change with such a human impact must be accompanied

  • The agent’s autonomy is a theme intimately linked to the maturity of the relationship between the agent, his hierarchy and his company. It involves open, two-way communication, based on real mutual trust. It is an essential prerequisite for self-assessments.
  • The calibration of the monitorings and the methodology that will be followed are not obvious: will the self-assessments be checked, how and by whom? Is it better that the coach assesses first and that the agent is reactive or vice versa, or that each assesses the same interaction without a priori taking into account the opinion of the other?
  • What topics will be covered in MyFOCUS and how will the coach be coached for feedback to be effective?
  • How will the coach’s work evolve given the shift from certain activities to the agent?


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