MyCustomerFeedback – THE VOICE OF THE CLIENT

  • Collect customer feedback after contact
  • Confront the agent in real time with customer feedback
  • Trigger monitorings
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Track customer feedback

MyCustomerFeedback is a key MyQM tool. Our engine organizes, collects and tracks customer feedback. The feedback is sent back to the agents and their coach to trigger a QM follow-up, and they are aggregated into NPS tables to follow the perception of customers during moments of truth.


Integration of “Feedback”

  • After each contact, the information is extracted and prepared for use.
  • The customer is contacted by email or SMS to collect their feedback.
  • The feedback received is integrated into the MyQM platform and is pushed to the agent and his coach.
  • Depending on the result, actions are taken automatically, such as listening to the call, a call back to the client or an escalation.
  • The results are aggregated by agent, by team and by brand according to the moments of truth.
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Customer’s feelings

  • Knowing the customer’s feelings improves the churn. More than half of my customers who call the Helpdesk are unhappy.
  • Identifying frustrations following a contact makes it possible to recall the client and create a WOW effect. Hello Mr Dupont, you told us that you were dissatisfied with your contact with us this morning. We checked and indeed, you are right, we made a mistake. It is now rectified.
  • Confronting the agent with the results of the client’s voice allows action to be taken when necessary and providing several sources of feedback. The client’s voice and the accompanying verbatims help avoid the coach’s ‘filter’. Oops… the client found me rude. I should listen to the call.
  • Align the internal QM monitoring grids with customer feedback to ensure continuity in quality without unnecessary effort. Our NPS score is improving and we progress in interna QM scores, except for one question (“thank you customer for calling”). We should delete this question.
  • Allow the coach to take action immediately and over the long term to adapt the agent’s behavior to client expectations. You will sit next to X, who is generally highly rated by the client, and you will notice how his speech is different from yours.
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Installation in detail

  • Preparation of periodic extractions (on-the-fly, hourly, daily or otherwise) from the CRM tool or the contact platform (phone, email, chat, etc.)
  • Preparation of question scripts to ask the client
  • Preparation of the contact strategy (how many times to contact each client, by which channel, when, etc.)
  • Daily monitoring of send, receive and integration flows in MyQM
  • Definition of the budget to be spent, based on the channels and the strategy decided

This technological change with such a human impact must be accompanied

  • Define the strategy for sending feedback to agents, either via the coach or live, continuously or periodically, with or without support. Receiving negative feedback from your coach is very different from receiving distressing feedback from customers.
  • Organize the follow-up of alarms and the possible recall of customers. Does the agent concerned have to call back the client? How soon ? With what message?


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