MYQM – Our history

The fusion between human and technologie. All you need for a unique work approach.


SA MyQM was created by experts in customer relations. Backed by their diverse experiences, the 4 founders of SA MyQM are all recognized professionals in the world of customer relations (Client, Outsourcer, Nearshore, Offshore, Investors).


Created in October 2015, SA MyQM is a start-up specialized in the management of the quality process. From the start, the aim was to develop a SaaS platform allowing companies to synchronize and apply their quality processes and strategy.


At the beginning of 2016, SA MyQM created its external audit company allowing its customers to benefit in addition to the SaaS platform, from an objective and neutral external service for quality measurement. In fact, via this external auditing company, SA MyQM offers its customers the possibility of outsourcing part of their quality measures. This company, MyQM Services is based in Sofia, Bulgaria.


2017 is the launch of MyFocus (a sort of employee newsletter which includes all of the quality audits carried out for this employee over a chosen period with positive points and points for improvement) which makes it possible to organize Face-to-face meetings effectively and interactively coaching with their employees.

SA MyQM is the guarantor of scalable and maximum quality. To do this, the company developed its platform with a concern for listening to its customers, flexibility and simplicity. It is available in the cloud and offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Access everywhere, all the time, on PC / MAC, mobile and tablet;
  • Simple and rapid implementation;
  • The assurance of benefiting from the latest technology at all times;
  • A price list based on the number of users.


2018 is a big boost at the commercial level with the start of international development. Indeed, since 2018, MyQM has developed its market in more than 10 countries across Europe. In addition, 2018 will have been an important year with a very large capital increase of 1 million euros in order to bring our capital to nearly 1,200,000 euros. A capital increase realized mainly with the equity of historical partners.


2019 is a very important year for MyQM with almost 50 customers reached, across more than 10 countries (strong international development). It is also a crucial year at the product level, with the launch of Customer Feedback, action plans and Quizzes in the MyQM platform.

Finally, 2019 will have been a pivotal year commercially, with:

  • On the one hand, the arrival on January 1, 2020 of Laurent Detournay as sales manager. Laurent comes from the world of software publishers, he immediately brings a huge experience both in the approach of the software business, as in the establishment of distribution network.
  • On the other hand, the launch at the end of 2019 (December) of MyQM France, whose mission is to exclusively market the solution on French territory. MyQM France is managed by Jean-Antoine Martos, our partner on the French market and has signed and developed an ambitious partnership with the company Logos, specializing in support and advice in customer relations in France.


The year 2020 is a pivotal year in the still very young history of MyQM. Indeed, it is with great pride and enthusiasm that MyQM launches its new offer which now includes 4 modules:

  • QM – Quality Monitoring module (Quality assessment made by employees, coaching, training);
  • IQM – Artificial intelligence module (Acoustic analysis, Semantic analysis, Analytical speech, Word spoting, evaluation pre-filled by IQM,…);
  • Customer Feedback – Voice of the Customer Module (post interaction satisfaction survey, NPS, C-Sat,…);
  • My360 – Reporting module (data analysis, ad hoc and generic reporting, monitoring of developments, etc.).

The launch of AI offers a dimension never encountered in the world of Quality Monitoring. In fact, thanks to IQM, our customers will be able to generate semi-automatic assessments, automatic compliance checks, determine the points of enchantment and those of their client’s disenchantment…

MyQM becomes the first tool to combine Customer Experience and Employee Experience.


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