• Organize a methodical monitoring of monitoring
  • Structure individual and team feedback and monitoring
  • Replace Excel sheets, legacies of the past
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Measure the quality of calls

QM is the engine for measuring call quality. It is the element on which the other modules were built.

Campaigns allow coaches or auditors to fill in grids, while following quotas over time and per person, on calls, emails, chat or others. The completed grids are sent to the agents who can comment on them and validate the execution of the actions. The strengths and weaknesses of each agent, team, channel or call center are tracked in real time.


Measure calls according to your criteria

  • You decide on the different roles in the quality process: agent, coach, auditor, client / brand, contact center (s), departments and teams.
  • You then decide on your quality strategy: which channel, which period, which grid, which weighting, which quota.
  • You then create a campaign by channel, by assigning agents, coaches and auditors, grids and quotas…. Off we go.
  • An evaluation is created and sent to the agent who is notified. He can consult it, listen to the call again and add his own comments.
  • The coach keeps a view at all times on his campaigns, their progress and their score.
MyQM | UI | Ecran 2
MyQM | Module QM


Endless flexibility

  • The campaign system offers infinite flexibility in the organization of monitoring: by team, by department, by type of agent, by type of call, etc. A classic campaign by the coach on his team can be combined with a general campaign throughout the contact center, focusing on agents hired in the last 3 months.
  • Calibration QM is a human process, which sometimes leaves room for interpretation. A calibration process is integrated, which allows to include several coaches or auditors but also the client and the agent. We save time by calibrating each on our own, and the tool highlights the items on which we differ.
  • Agent feedback By a star system, the agent can indicate if the evaluation is useful to him, or if he disputes the result. As a manager, I immediately see which coaches need to communicate better with their team because their agents give fewer stars than the others.
  • Random picking To avoid wasting time choosing which calls to monitor, MyQM offers to select them automatically. We don’t focus on typical calls. Instead of wasting time searching, we immediately start monitoring.
  • Self-assessment The agent can listen to his own calls, solo, before or after the coach has listened. As a coach, I only listen to a few calls because my team listens to them. I notice that they are more critical than me about their weaknesses, and especially that they immediately correct their mistakes.
  • Link with MyCustomerFeedback and IQM The platform allows you to create listenings based on feedback received from customers or analysis made by AI. With us, the coach does his classic listening, but it is the marketing department that listens to calls from dissatisfied customers. When IQM identifies a weakness, the agent is informed and it is he who listens to the call in question.
  • Action plan The coach can create actions to be carried out according to the results of monitoring. It goes from training, to side-by-side through a simple interview with an expert. When I have finished my action, it is up to me to indicate it. I agree by confirming that I have done it!
  • Reporting Each agent, coach, manager or client can have access to the reporting that concerns them. In real time, he can follow developments, by team, by center, by channel or by type of question.
  • 100% support of the Belgian quality monitoring charter. Published in 2019, the charter imposes a series of legal, human or process obligations, which are fully supported by MyQM.
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Installation in detail

  • Definition of users and their level of access. In a contact center, we find the agent, the coach and the admin. In a brand, we find the actor and the observer.
  • Definition of channels, grids and campaigns, following the QM strategy that has been decided. It is an installation to start, which can obviously be adapted later.
  • The main installation does not require any intervention from the IT team. Everything happens in the cloud, and can operate without CRM or CTI integration.
  • In less than a day, the team is ready to start!
  • It is obviously possible to integrate MyQM with the other tools, through file transfer or API.

This technological change with such a human impact must be accompanied

  • The QM strategy is often the result of the use of Excel sheets. Putting MyQM in place opens up perspectives of flexibility that are easy to adopt by using the good practices of other contact centers or brands.
  • Compliance with the GDPR or the QM charter are operations with which DPOs or QA are not used. Having done this on numerous occasions, MyQM is a specialist to support you.
  • Communication is a major issue, which will guarantee the success (or failure) of your QM project. This involves embarking on agents, but also coaches and often union organizations in the process. Our step-by-step approach will allow you to learn to walk before you run, and then accelerate further.


Questions? We are at your disposal!