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The engine that drives your quality dynamics

Focus Quality

Embarking teams on a quality process, requires rigor, standards, structure and regular follow-up.

Through 'Campaigns' of evaluations, MyQM allows you to define, to validate, to calibrate the quality results of the call centers, teams, advisers, departments and regardless channels used by your customers (telephone, emails, chat, social networks).

Statistiques qualité

The Quality meeting

We consider that the call agent is the first person who must be interested in the quality. It derives its skills, trainings, briefings and coachings.

MyFocus is a review point between the agent and his management, to assess a current situation, define the actions and give factual feedback.

MyFocus will embark your agents into your quality process by giving them a sense and an understanding for the actions to be executed and the improvements to be made.

Become an actor of your strategy

Thanks to the campaigns which you execute in MyQM, you bring your quality strategy into practice by making it structured and structuring.

Campaigns allow you to follow the evolutions of your real time quality, to compare your various departments or communication channels, to predict the trends to come, to analyze the impact of the launch of a new product or a service.

Acteur de votre stratégie
Statistiques par équipe

The real time transparency

Available in real time, as soon as the evaluations are validated, the results are known on PC/MAC, on tablet or on mobile phone.

Everyone has a view dedicated to optimize its working time: by center, by department, by type of contact or by period. Simple, fast and effective !