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To improve the customer experience, they replaced Excel with… MyQM. Meeting with Quentin Pélabon, Anne Epineuze from Papernest and Jean-Antoine Martos from MyQM France.

“We have been one of the first users of the MyQM platform and have witnessed its multiple transformations, enriching it at every step and bringing it further to becoming a really comprehensive tool covering all aspects of quality assurance. All parties involved in securing a qualitative service can sit “around the table” in a sense through the MyQM platform and share their findings and advises in a structured way. We are using it every day and it is essential to our work, just this month we saw one of our teams make a huge leap in quality based on intensive coaching and feedback in which the platform was instrumental.”

Denitza Koeva

Contact Center Manager, Euroccor JSC

“As a training quality manager, I had to abandon the traditional but easy to manage Excel solution, which proved to be unsuitable. MyQM’s functional richness, ease of deployment and installation flexibility, which allows for quick installation and configuration, made us choose both the solution and the company.”

Anne Epineuze

Quality and Training Manager, Papernest

“After a benchmark, we opted for MyQM’s quality monitoring solution and we are very satisfied with it. We have 14 sites to manage throughout France and thanks to this solution, we can have a real-time vision of quality at the national level but also on a region, a site, an activity. We can easily set up action plans and monitor them in real time. We also appreciate the participation of the agents who are constantly increasing their skills and who are in demand. Quality is perceived as a desire to surpass oneself and not as a chore. Agents, coaches and pilots appreciate this solution. Thanks to the entire MyQM team for their availability and responsiveness. It’s a real pleasure to work with them.”

Rozenn de la Moriniere

Project Manager Quality and Training Customer Relationships, Kisio


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