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For Agents

The Workspace your people were all waiting for that motivates them to perform
while finally gaining full insights from every single customer interaction they have.
A.I. Powered
GDPR Compliant

Drive your quality forward with
the most advanced QA platform

Auto QA
Automatically analyze all your customer interactions so you can take actions to increase revenue, improve CX, and eliminate compliance risk.
Auto Coaching
Scale the continuous support of your agents with hands-on personalized coaching programs based on their client interactions.
Action plan
Activate action plans for your agents anytime within the platform based on real conversations, assign trainings and recommendations.
360° Feedback
Give your teams and clients a voice and increase agent engagement and customer satisfaction with our simple, yet scalable solution.
Compliance check
Ensure adherence to regulations and standards through comprehensive assessments and audits thanks to our Quality monitoring features.
Online courses
Use our library of off-the-shelf comprehensive and interactive learning activities tailored to the customer service industry.
Streamline user onboarding process with a seamless and intuitive experience, ensuring a smooth transition into your company.
Recurring 1 to 1
Set up a continuous process of collecting, analyzing, and giving feedback to drive improvements and enhance employee experiences.
For Supervisors

Elevate your agents to reach their full potential

Turn them into customer experience champions through the use of Artificial Intelligence. By leveraging AI-powered tools and insights, your agents can deliver personalized and efficient support, exceeding customer expectations and driving customer satisfaction to new heights.

Engage them all to thrive, let them exceed your expectations

With gamified features, MyQM lets your supervisors manage their teams with collective and individual goals that will challenge your agents reach and even exceed their targets.

More than a traditional Quality Monitoring platform, MyQM is growing into a 360° platform for Call Centers.
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