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Cover 100% Call analysis
with Automatic QA

Build intelligent analytics and turn your data into a new source of revenue.
Interpret your data in a very easy way. Explore without needing Data expertise.
Generative A.I.
GDPR Compliant

Build Quality Monitoring campaigns
and select an evaluation mode

MyQM provides an all-in-one Quality Assurance Platform
Automatic QA
Our Artificial Intelligence will listen to your call conversations and automatically fill in the questions that you have created in your evaluation grids . Our experts will guide you in designing accurate questions.
Hybrid QA
Combine the power of Automatic QA with Manual QA. Create questions in your evaluation grid that will be answered automatically while giving your supervisors responsibility in evaluating their agents.
Manual QA
Listen manually to your agent's call conversations with the option of random picking. Fill in the evaluation form as you listen to the calls. Each question comes with the possibility to apply a weighting factor.

Eliminate compliance risk and highlight moments of truth

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to effectively mitigate compliance risks on a large scale. MyQM takes advantage of advanced algorithms and machine learning technology to thoroughly analyze all customer interactions. By doing so, it swiftly identifies potential compliance issues and promptly brings them to your attention. This enables you to take immediate action and ensure regulatory compliance within your organization.
Save time and effort by quickly adapting the question grids
Easily customize the questions and categories to align with your organization's compliance requirements. MyQM allows you to tailor the question grid to capture the information that matters most to you.
Visualize and analyze the results of your campaigns
Make data-driven decisions to enhance your compliance strategies. Identify strengths and areas for improvement, measure the impact of your compliance campaigns, and make informed adjustments to optimize your organization's compliance practices.
Use our advanced filters and highlight conversations
Swiftly navigate through your customer interactions and focus on specific conversations that require attention. Whether you want to filter by date, agent, or specific tags or keywords, our advanced filters allow you to quickly find the conversations that matter most to you.

Providing you with 100% visibility into your customer interactions

Our AI-powered technology analyzes every conversation, capturing valuable data and providing you with actionable insights. MyQM goes beyond simple transcription to extract meaningful information from your customer interactions. You can easily access key metrics, sentiment analysis, and topic categorization to gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers' needs and preferences.
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