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Transform all your customer
interactions into an engine of growth

From Automatic QA to providing valuable Conversation Insights,
MyQM's powerful A.I. capabilities set your call center for incredible success.
GenerativE AI
GDPR Compliant
Leading brands choose customer satisfaction first

A cutting-edge Quality Monitoring
Platform powered by A.I.

All the features you need to enable your agents to drive better customer satisfaction
Auto QA
Automatically analyze all your customer interactions so you can take actions to increase revenue, improve CX, and eliminate compliance risk.
Auto Coaching
Scale the continuous support of your agents with hands-on personalized coaching programs based on their client interactions.
Action plan
Activate action plans for your agents anytime within the platform based on real conversations, assign trainings and recommendations.
360° Feedback
Give your teams and clients a voice and increase agent engagement and customer satisfaction with our simple, yet scalable solution.


Powerful AI Technologies

Automate the summary of each conversation

Customize transcriptions with your own vocabulary

Conversation Insights

Gain quick insights into conversations between your team and your customers

Identify key moments in the conversation

Create specific markers to easily filter

Easily detect emotions and engagement




Quality Monitoring

Evaluate up to 100% of your customer conversations with our 360° Customer and Agent experience platform to boost your Call Center


Activate personal growth and learning moments within your contact center.

Combined with a Conversation
Insights platform

Discover a better way to understand every single conversation and delight your customers.
For Agents

Enable your front-line to drive
better customer satisfaction

Discover features that will engage your agents to grow and become champions. MyQM lets you easily organize one-to-one rich feedback sessions. Start turning each customer interaction into a post-call training and coaching material.
For Supervisors

Increase operational efficiency, productivity and quality

Leverage the power of A.I. to help agents drive better customer experience one conversation at a time. Our automatic capabilities will enable your supervisors to focus on human and business growth opportunities while staying in control of the quality. Enable your managers to foster a strong feedback and learning culture.
Supercharge your call center with Automatic QA
Our A.I. will automatically fill in and report the quality monitoring of agent's conversation. Gain efficiency and time. Leave behind the pain of listening to each call over and over again.
Understand each call with transcripts and call summary
Our technology translates every single call interaction into a post-call opportunity to dive into conversation insights. Detect upsell opportunities, objection handling and churn risks.
Visualize data insights from every client interaction
Our solution provides data extraction and simple dashboard within the platform or let's you connect your data set with your favorite BI tools. Add your own tags for an advanced filtering experience.
Reduce your compliance risks with Automatic QA
Denitza Koeva
Contact Center Manager
“We have been one of the first users of the MyQM platform. All parties involved in securing a qualitative service can share their findings and advises in a structured way. We are using it every day and it is essential to our work, just this month we saw one of our teams make a huge leap in quality based on intensive coaching and feedback in which the platform was instrumental.”
Anne Epineuze
Quality and Training Manager
“As a training quality manager, I had to abandon the traditional but easy to manage Excel solution, which proved to be unsuitable. MyQM’s functional richness, ease of deployment and installation flexibility, which allows for quick installation and configuration, made us choose both the solution and the company.”
Rozenn de la Moriniere
PM Quality and Training Customer Relationships
“With 14 sites to manage throughout France, we can have a real-time vision of quality at the national level but also on a region, a site, an activity. We can easily set up action plans and monitor them in real-time. Agents, coaches and supervisors love the solution. Thanks to the entire MyQM team for their availability and responsiveness. It’s a real pleasure to work with you.”