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Create an upskilling playground
where your people can thrive

Launch your online academy, take the opportunity to create inspiring learning journeys.
Provide a pool of internal and external experts available for 1to1 coaching sessions.
GDPR compliant

Activate personal growth and learning
moments within your organization

Place learning and development at the core of your customer relationship strategy.
Coaching session
Organize coaching sessions with our booking system and preprare follow-up action plans.
Test the knowledge of your workforce by easily creating online quizzes with true or false and Multiple choice.
Onboarding program
Create onboarding journeys for your new agents to make them feel at home from day one.
E-learning library
Provoke learning moments by activating the library of ready-to-use online courses from our partners.
Your own content
Our authoring tool lets you and your teams import video content and any other useful document.
Pool of coaches
Invite internal and external subject-matter experts to share their skills during one-on-one coaching sessions.
Customer Experience Academy

Foster a culture of learning within the workflow

Offer your workforce numerous opportunities to enhance their skills and deliver improved customer experiences. Consider opting for our fully integrated e-learning library. Transform your top-performing agents into coaches for peer-to-peer coaching sessions anytime. Have external experts? No problem, invite them to mentor your teams at any time through your Academy.
Access a curated customer-oriented learning library
The curated learning library promotes continuous learning and empowers agents to continuously improve their performance. It is specifically designed to cater to customer needs and preferences, offering a wide range of learning materials such as articles, videos, and use cases.
Embed coaching at the core of your agents' experience
Agents can schedule one-on-one coaching sessions with experienced mentors or supervisors. By receiving direct feedback and tailored coaching, agents can gain valuable insights, refine their techniques, and further excel in delivering exceptional service to customers.
Import your own content and create quizzes in minutes
Easily upload their course materials, including videos, documents, and quizzes, to create engaging and interactive learning experiences. We provide intuitive tools and templates to structure and organize the course content. Track the progress and performance of your learners.
Let's sit down together and boost engagement
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