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Empower your agents
through a feedback culture

Easily organize your next one-on-one's with pre-built templates.
Align both the agent and its supervisor on the evaluation points.
GDPR compliant

Transform Quality Management
into a powerful Communication tool

Finally a simple feedback cycle
your agents will love

In this feature, we introduce a new feedback cycle that follows the plan-do-check-act methodology. This cycle is designed to simplify the quality monitoring process for agents, making it more efficient and effective. Agents will be able to easily plan their tasks, execute them, check the results, and take necessary actions for improvement.

Generate one-to-one reports, easily.

Select the period of activity
Start by selecting the period and the campaigns.
Generate the report
Export each agent report in a PDF format.
Easily share it with the agent
Directly on the platform or by email.
For Supervisors

Provide authentic, transparent and collaborative feedbacks

By following the plan-do-check-act methodology, agents can receive feedback that is honest, clear, and promotes collaboration. This approach ensures that agents have a comprehensive understanding of their performance and can actively participate in the quality monitoring process. With authentic and transparent feedback, agents can identify areas for improvement and work collaboratively to enhance their skills and deliver exceptional service to customers.
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