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Drive your quality

Increase the expertise of your consultants, improve the customer experience

What is MyQM ?

We propose a unique, innovative approach, based on a long experience in the customer experience. The purpose is to onboard the teams to meet customer expectations. MyQM allows you to develop, synchronize and execute within your team a quality strategy which will be structured and structuring.

MyQM offers you the complete platform which makes you actor of your quality.

"My advisors know what is expected from them and they receive a structured feedback"
Call Center Manager
“We get the certainty that our compliance rules are enforced”
Chief Attorney
“I see rapidly the effects of specific quality efforts”
Quality Manager
“I have a precise view on the costs of our quality process”
Financial Controller
“I compare in real time the performances of my subcontractors”
Outsourcing Manager
“Personal files are always up-to-date with relevant information”
HR Responsible
“My coach prepares my MyFOCUS and highlights the areas to focus on to improve my work”