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Adopt a data-driven approach
with Conversation Insights

Build intelligent analytics and turn your data into a new source of revenue.
Interpret your data in a very easy way. Explore without needing Data expertise.
Business Intelligence
GDPR compliant

Analyze the voice of your customers
but also the one of your agents

Understand Conversation Data in a very easy way
Call reasons
Understand why your customers are interacting with your teams in minutes.
Satisfaction rate
Quickly see if your clients are satisfied or not. Take the appropriate actions.
FCR rate
Stay proactive with your clients that are the most likely to call you back.
Reasons for dissatisfactions
This matters too! Now you just need to get better and increase satisfaction.
Actions to reduce calls
Understand from an operational perspective what best actions should be put in place first base on patterns.
Actions to prevent recalls
Same as to reduce calls, identify thanks to 100% Call analysis what actions need to be implemented.

Understand all your data from our 360° dashboards views

Understand every single conversation and extract the data you need with our customer interaction feature. Enable your supervisors to easily analyze the best agents per call reasons. The calls that have the highest recall risks. And also the dissatisfied reasons so you can take action internally to prevent churn and increase satisfaction.
Bring your data to action and start
diving into your conversation insights
Get started