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Launch and collect
customer feedback, Fast.

This built-in add-on survey module allows you and your teams
to create surveys in minutes in a centralized place.
Customer voice
GDPR compliant

Understand the voice of your customers

Our engine organizes, collects and tracks customer feedback.
Collect customer feedbacks to know your net promoter score (NPS) and keep improving it.
Analyse feedbacks
Receive daily monitoring of sent and received feedbacks from your Quality Monitoring flows.
Trigger evaluations
Launch easily an evaluation following a customer feedback through Quality Monitoring campaigns.
Periodic extracts
Decide if you want to extract your data every hour, daily, weekly, from your CRM or contact platform.
Contact Strategy
Prepare how and when should you reach out to each client for better responses.
Write down each question to be added to your evaluation survey, MyQM does the rest.

Build a base of loyal customers

Align the internal quality monitoring grids with customer feedback to ensure continuity in quality
Customize nearly everything from SMS to emails
Our Customer Feedback module lets you either create emails and sms campaigns. You can easily customize the questions to ask, the duration, the channel, the contacts to trigger and of course the layout of the emails for a white-label experience.
Challenge your agents by sharing customer feedbacks with them
Integrate customer feedback into your quality monitoring practices. Agents and coaches are everyday pushed towards providing a better customer experience. Those feedbacks enable a culture of excellence where feedback is seen as an enabler.
Take the necessary actions following each survey
Invite your supervisors to trigger the next best action for their teams. Agents can be invited to perform a coaching session with a coach in order to improve some attention points. Supervisors can then monitor if the actions put in place have helped agents grow.
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